Character Profile: Calius

Name: Calius
Gender: Genderqueer
Pronouns: They/Them, She/Her
Occupation: Banker, Loan Shark, War Profiteer

Faction: Mercenary (origin: unknown)

Calius took a step back from the window. Her view over the wasteland ceased as the digital curtains closed on her. On the opposing wall a screen flickered to life. Without turning around she knew exactly who was about to pop in for a little chitchat.

“Senator, it’s good to hear back from you so fast. I take it you want to take me up on my offer?” Calius inquired, turning herself on her planted foot.
An unsteady image responded with static and cracks.

“Senator your signal is as fuzzy as Rafdog’s coat.”

The screen flashed and distorted until it settled on a clear image of a Terran Senator. The lapels and identification medal gave it clearly away.

“Calius, you know I can’t just give you what you want.” The Senator paused and took a breath in. “30 squadrons is a lot to sacrifice for as much as you’re offering. Double the price and we’ll start talking.”

“Well Senator that’s rather ballsy of you to demand more; especially given how many of your fellow law makers are heavily indebted to me.”

Calius walked closer the screen, careful to avoid bumping into the desk between her and the Senator’s face. She snapped her fingers and a masked individual strolled in, dragging an unknown person behind them by leash. Their face was obstructed by a thick sack over the head. The assistant stopped just to the left of Calius and yanked the leash to get the captive person to stand still. Whimpers and muffled moans could be heard beneath the sack.

“My dear Julia, you need to teach our guest some manners.” Calius snarked at the assistant next to her.

Julia creeped up next to the prisoner and moved to whisper into their ear. Feint words could be heard; with hushed mentions of the words family, debt, and slice. The hooded person went silent immediately.

“Sorry for the interruption Senator, I just wanted to get my guest in here to say hi but you know how people are with manners now a days.” The Senator nodded and mumbled under their breath. “Now about the amount I quoted you. I think you’ll see that my friend here has a wonderful argument for why you should accept my offer.”

“Well Calius, you know how to bargain, now what exactly is your little captive there have to say to me.”

“Well don’t say I didn’t tell you to brace yourself Senator.” Calius nodded at Julia beside her. With that Julia removed the sack from the mystery individuals head.
As the face was revealed, the Senator’s eyes went wide and their upper lip furrowed. They began to speak up before Calius hushed them.

“Now now, you got to give me a chance to explain the situation. Now my dear, tell your Son why you’re here and why he should take my deal.”

The Senator’s mother spoke up. “Just do what she says, please do it. You’re not just getting the money, you’re also going to save me.”


“Now now my dear Marcus, do you really want your mother to have to work off her debt herself? If she’s lucky she might pay it off before she dies. I ask you again, do you accept my offer?”

“Please….. please… just please do it.” The mother whimpered out.

Marcus choked on his words, “I accept. Wire me the money and I’ll send you a briefing on the plan.”

The screen clicked off and Julia pushed the mother towards the door and huffed. Calius snickered and Julia responded in kind. They walked out of the office as the blinds reopened.

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