Character Profile: Rafdog

Name: Rafdog
Gender: Trans Man
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation:  Leader of the Mercenary Group “Gravita’s Pull”

He looked up at the Grey Giant with the utmost pride. The grand flag ship stood high above Oasis. It had been docked in order to gather supplies for a contract that Rafdog had taken on for his group. A pretty bog standard job, he was tasked with deploying troops as a distraction for a bigger job being led by Calius. All he knew was that it was a siege being planned on a Terran outpost. He hadn’t been given the location yet so all he knew was that he was to pick up a package from a Dropper at Oasis. It was supposed to be some kind of cutting edge black project technology designed for counter-surveillance and obfuscation.

The ship would be docked for a few more hours as repairs and maintenance were underway. During this time the package was being installed in the ship’s scanner subsystem. Taking advantage of this break Rafdog made his way over his tavern of choice, Anti-Grav; so called because of its unique entertainment of gravity manipulating burlesque dancers.

Upon entering he made his way to the bar farthest from the entrance. Being midday, the tavern was light on clientele, or at least that the average patron would see. These were peak operating hours for the underground portion. Approaching the tender at the bar he placed an order for two drinks.

“One Loose Lips and an extra dry Overboard my good man.” Rafdog whispered to the bartender.

The bartender immediately started making the later of the two. 3 parts of Void Aged Whiskey, 1 part of the house wine, and 5 parts straggleberry juice.

“Your drink sir.” He said as he slid the drink to Rafdog. “And one Loose Lips.” He added as he hit a button under the counter and opened the small door blocking the entrance to behind the counter.

Rafdog stepped behind the counter and slipped through the slight opening that had appeared between the shelves of liquor. The passage closed behind him and the bartender resumed his normal duties of making drinks.

Before him Rafdog saw a sprawling lobby packed with various high profile clients of the tavern, most of whom if questioned would say they never heard of the place. While many clients arrange meetings here with less than legitimate suppliers. Scanning over the room he saw someone of interest in a booth in the far corner. He slunk his way across the bar room floor squeezing his way in and around the patrons he had no interest in talking with. Moving himself behind the person of interest at the booth he began to speak.

“Ah senator, how nice to see you here. I was worried I’d have to drop by your office to arrange a meeting but it’s good to see we’ll be able to get that taken care of right now.”
“You. I told you I was done running favors for you after the last time.” The senator snarled back at him. “Now leave me, I’m busy and I’d rather not be interrupted from more important business.”

“I’d hardly call trying to pick up a Corner Jockey to get your dick wet important business, but then again you never were good at priorities now were you.” Rafdog flung back at his self-important lapdog.

Rafdog scooted the business lady off with a wave of his hands. She got up and without any resistance stormed off to go fraternize with another of the important clientele. The senator began rolling his tongue around in his mouth while moving his eyes between the table in front of him and the woman he was just denied. Rafdog stood over him, gloating. After a few moments the senator spun his chair around to meet the eyes of the captain. With a deep sigh he acknowledged the man’s request for a meeting.

“Well you’ve ruined my evening, so I guess I have nothing to do now but entertain your pestering. What do you want?”

“I’m glad you came to see it from my perspective. Don’t worry it won’t be much. I just have some questions about those squadrons you’ve betrayed on orders of the Banker. I can stage it so they don’t have to die but they won’t be welcome to go back to the Terran High Command.” Rafdog spoke to him.

Before the senator could respond Rafdog slipped a packet from inside his jacket and on the table in front of him. He placed his finger over the senator’s lips and pointed at the packet.

“Just read this and you’ll see my deal is impossible to ignore. You know how to reach me, so go over it and I’ll be waiting for you to get in touch with me to negotiate your acceptance.”

The senator looked down at the packet and began to spread it’s contents across the table. He began to skim over them but looked up before he finished the first page. The Captain wasn’t there when he did, prompting the senator to scramble and gather up the documents. He would prefer to go over this in the privacy of his office if he wasn’t going to be able to clarify details with Rafdog.

Rafdog closed the door to the captain’s quarters behind him. Pacing to the desk he swung the chair around and planted himself firmly in the seat. He didn’t know much but he knew those troops would tie into his contract with the counter surveillance equipment. He just hoped he would be able to get his deal with the senator finalized before the plan was set in motion.

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