Articles – Ansible: Homeworld

If It Ain’t Broken

Sometimes, a solution isn’t the only one. So how do we justify changes to systems that don’t need to be fixed or changed? I explore various systems from other successful card games and how their approaches to issues (be they successes or failures in the eyes of the designers) can help us create EC.

Character Profile: Calius

The world of Ansible is full of many characters and factions, each with a complex and often hidden motivation. Get a small introduction at the first character to get publicly announced; Calius, the all powerful banker with more wealth than even the entirety of the Terran government.

Character Profile: Medrid

Tera Centuria lies at the heart of the vast and powerful Terran empire. Like any vital resource it is watched over by a guardian. Meet Medrid, an expert tactician and the champion dedicated to not only defending the Capital City but leading and directing the entire Terran military force.

Character Profile: Rafdog

The Great Terran Empire holds a dominant hold over the Gravita System. However, they are not uncontested. Gravita’s Pull, a mercenary group funded by Calius, is led by a notorious and championed man named Rafdog. He commands an incredible amount of respect from those under his command as he fights to restore control of many of the planets in the Gravita System to their native inhabitants.